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Tiny, Adorable Foster Kittens

As I mentioned in passing before, Barry recently fostered four tiny, four-week-old foster kittens. The animal shelter did not loan out this batch for very long (they were at Barry's house for less than a week), so we did not even really get around to naming them. We did toss around some potential names, though, and for the sake of having something to remember them by and to distinguish them from other, future foster kittens by, I suppose those will now be their names, from our perspective: Flour, Sugar, Grill, and Smoke. There were two white ones (Flour and Sugar, a boy and a girl), a black girl (Grill), and a grey boy (Smoke). This was the first batch of foster kittens that I helped pick up from the animal shelter myself. Here I am with the two white ones.

And here are all four of them in my lap together.

Now, it should be obvious that one thing you need more of in your life right now is more pictures of tiny, adorable kittens. I am here to provide for your needs.



Three kittens and my foot.

Four kittens and my foot!

Still four kittens and my foot.

Sleepy kittens! Still four of them. Yes, there are two white ones squished together there. The awake one is pawing the face of the asleep one.

That is all the tiny, adorable kittens I have for you right now. I hope this has improved your quality of life. For greater improvements, consider fostering your own kittens!

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